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Arrange & Record Corporate Guitar Lessons

Your Pursuit of Music

Music has been part of our lives since the beginning of time, from beating on a log in ancient times to the middle ages of  gypsies and minstrels, traveling the globe, to the great composers of the classics  right up to the folk, jazz, blues, rock and other forms of today. The common theme  is the expression of  self through the sharing of  experiences, moods and messages in a very unique and satisfying way.

Lesson Offering

Key Benefits

bulletCatering to adults who are beginning or want to improve their playing abilities
bulletFocus on the music you want to learn
bulletAccurate to key signatures with the right chords
bulletCoaching on performance level of play
bulletRecord  your playing to measure progress

Examples of what you learn

bulletHow to tune your guitar
bulletBody and hand posture
bulletBasic music theory
bulletStrumming styles
bulletPicking styles

Recording Facility

bulletBecause of the on-site recording facility you can  professionally record some of what you have accomplished at the same rate as your lessons. In this way you will have a unique and accurate record of what you have done and can evaluate your progress.

Order and Information Request

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and details of what you are seeking to: post@altonmusicproductions.ca  . I will respond promptly. Thank you for your interest.

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