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Arrange & Record Corporate Guitar Lessons

This is the main service and the key to the overall capability here. I'm focusing on being able to provide the best recording and production approach to suit your particular style of music. The approach can be to arrange from scratch or the other end of the spectrum, just provide engineering for your recording project. Either way, with my economy you'll get to explore every aspect no matter what and get to completion.

Key Benefits

bulletI record your product from scratch
bulletI'm economical
bulletI have the entire process that you require not just to finish your recording project but also the distribution.


Recording facility
This facility is fully functional in the digital realm with a windowed isolation room. A full ensemble can be recorded or employ the MIDI LAB to create an arrangement to accompany your main instrument and vocals. I am capable of session work on, Guitar, Bass, keyboards and drums and can prepare MIDI arrangements for you. The hourly rate remains the same whether you use all the services or not.
I can provide you with the full range of artwork and packaging for your music needs. Graphic arts, photo shoots, low volume burning and printing of your CD package including artwork on the CD itself. The packaging part of the process is in line with volume production sites from an artwork source point of view employing ADOBE products to create the art required and working with templates from larger production houses.
Project Management
I create the planning for you to get your project off the ground and take you through the entire recording and production process.
Creation of web presence with the ability to purchase songs whether it be from our web site in MP3 format or ordering a CD. With merchant accounts in place, you will be able to get some "real" distribution going immediately and with decent economy.

Reference Accounts

Half Past Human
First you have to be willing to eat your own lunch. In fact for me that's how it all started by recording my own work and moving from project to project picking up momentum along the way. I also have my own passion for performing and  want the best for my  projects too.  The band I play with agrees and we are working through our 2nd CD project now. It's important to play with others who will challenge your creativeness in a positive way. These guys have done just that for me and we're making better music every time we get together.
Tammy Jones
This young lady's product was arranged, produced and recorded from scratch. Tammy brought her lyrics and melody ideas to the table and we layed down a click figured a key signature that went with what Tammy was singing. From there I created the entire arrangement around her voice. Tammy was involved and approved each stage of the arrangement. She is now working with a band to get ready to perform and promote her music. Tammy has no instrument background other than her vocals. We layed these tracks down entirely after an accapella take of her vocal and in many cases, without changing a single note!
Steve Price
 Steve came in with his guitar and had lyrics and vocals clearly defined already. The arrangement work was done on-site by Steve and myself. Steve also brought some outside talent in to work on mandolin, slide guitar and a bit of bass, which worked out very well! I built the tracks around him and worked through a production profile that we both thought would be the best presentation of Steve's music.

Order and Information Request

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and details of what you are seeking to: post@altonmusicproductions.ca  and I will respond promptly. Thank you for your interest.


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